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Who Are We?

Taylored Sales Group is a sales and marketing company that launched its first business venture in Brisbane, March 2017. It's management team has over 10 years of experience in the sales and marketing industry and is one of the leaders in their field. We assist clients in the sports, not-for-profit, applications and health/fitness sector across Australia.
Our vision is to create an entrepreneurial environment where individuals personally develop themselves as well as progress and find enjoyment in our industry.
Below are the core values that we strongly stick by.

Why Choose Us?

Our team is compiled of individuals with years of experience in the sales and marketing realm as well as new employees supporting the growth and expansion of our company. We are an outsourced sales and marketing company whose main mission is to continuously cut the running costs for our clients while acquiring long term customer. In doing this we guarantee an increase in our client’s cash flow.

We are apart of a worldwide network of affiliated marketing company that expand into 90+ countries and 900+ locations all over the world, and because of this network we continuously aim to innovative and develop the way we do business. We provide measurable results for our clients and aim to create simple systems for our employees so we can guarantee success with Taylored Sales Group.

Our Values



Our aim is to provide a face-to-face tailored approach for our clients with the goal to provide an exceptional customer experience while guaranteeing our clients positive cash flow at a cost-effective rate. With our client’s brand and reputation being our main focus we pride ourselves in the fact that our customer experience is always extraordinary. We continuously aim to improve our performance by asking for feedback and then putting that feedback into action.

We pride our self in generating revenue and delivering regular, long-term customers for our clients. Our face to face interactions with our customers allows Taylored Sales Group to provide personalised results for the clients we represent.

Customer Acquisition

The marketing strategies that we used are based off tried and tested results and we strive to hit our key performance indicators. We have a vision that by 2030 we will have expanded into five locations within Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth and Sunshine Coast.

Each client we represent is given direct feedback on the results we attain. We communicate, how many customer interactions we have, how long on average the interaction is, what area of each product customers like or not. One of our strongest suits is our ability to increase our client’s brand awareness.

Our Management Team

Sean Taylor

Managing Director

Managing Director: Originally of Filipino descent, Sean was raised in New Zealand from age three, and then moved to the USA to complete his high school and University career. Sean graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Sports Management from Rutgers University, the State University of New Jersey choosing shortly after its completion to move to Australia. His initial goal when arriving in Australia was to pursue a career as a professional rugby league player after playing 13 games for the National USA team - The Tomahawks. Unfortunately, after two shoulder surgeries and one knee reconstruction Sean decided to take a step back from rugby and venture into the sales and marketing field - since then he has never looked back. Sean was voted Top Salesman of the Year in 2015 in Australia, in sports based products and he then saw the opportunity to run and incorporate his own marketing company. He has developed his company in a quick and confident manner since the incorporation of Taylored Sales Group in March 2017.

Sam Newlyn

Office Manager

I have been working for Taylored Sales for 3 years now. During this time I have had the great opportunity to work my way up the company while learning so many experiences along the way. I am currently the sales manager for the company and in April 2022 I moved over to Perth to open up our newest expansion. The Perth office has grown my skills and knowledge with now taking on more coaching, training and running the office.

Mackenzie Wilson

HR Admin Assistant/ Recruitment Manager

I have worked for Taylored Sales Group for 6 Months now. And in this short amount of time i have learnt so much about the role and the industry. This role has allowed me to grow my skills and network with some of the best in the industry. I have had a wide range of roles and experiences. I started as a hairdresser at 14 before realising it wasn't for me anymore and moved onto different hospitality roles in different sectors such as defence and fast food. I am in my early 20’s and have been married for just over 6 months now to my husband. We have also expanded our family to welcome a little puppy. I am also currently studying a double degree in Marketing and HR at university and find that my degree has helped with my role within the world of sales and marketing.

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